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Why APS You Ask? Here are 6 Very Good Reasons!

Experience — Company Principal, Rob Bennett, is an Experienced, Successful and Dedicated Professional in the Power Generation Industry commanding the following credentials:

  • Successful Small Business Owner / Entrepreneur since 2002.
  • 3rd Generation Electrician, 2nd Generation Active Contractor with 29+ yrs. in the Electrical Construction Industry.
  • Degreed Construction Engineer, E.I.T. (EE Minor), Purdue University, 1995.
  • Professional Electrical Systems Designer in the Custom Residential, Commercial & Industrial Marketplace since 1996.
  • Master Electrician, State of CO since 1999.
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor, State of CO since 2000.
  • Holder of (4) Professional Certificates in Renewable Energies (10+ classes) via Training @ Solar Energy International.
  • Outback Power Systems Factory Trained Professional, 2015.

Licensing — Licensed by the CO State Electrical Board as an Electrical Contractor in good standing. Licensed as an Electrical and Solar Contractor in many jurisdictions through the Front Range of CO. Ask to see our license(s).

Insurance — To protect both you and us, we carry the state-required Worker's Compensation insurance, as well as $2M in General Liability coverage. We require our Subcontractors to be fully insured as well! There will be a 0 liability burden on you, should something unexpected happen, as a result of our own actions, while we are working on your project.

Estimates & Rates — You will be provided with a written cost estimate or rate schedule, detailing the scope of work to be performed, prior to starting any installation! This is the only smart way to hire a contractor. Both parties will sign a written agreement of Terms & Conditions prior to the start of any work. We'll also explain your payment options up front...Cash, Check or Net 15 days Billing accepted. Financing options available for Renewable Energy related customers. We don't offer discounts for Cash payment.

Guarantee & Warranty — We warranty ALL parts for 1 year and guarantee our Workmanship for a LIFETIME! Most manufacturer's product warranties exceed our 1 year. If so, you'll benefit from the longer of the two. You'll get it in writing!

Professionalism — Clean appearance, friendly demeanor and ability to effectively communicate with you. These traits alone stand for what we strive for in our service to each and every client! "Clean Installation" practices. We use drop cloths, trash cans and vacuums in your home or facility. "We'll leave it as we've found it" practice on cleanliness. We are committed to the highest professional service / installation practices in the Industry!

.... Oh, and we Commit to Promptly returning ALL Customer-related Calls, whether we're in the Office or Not!