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Electricity Towers

The Electrical Grid ~ Friend or Foe?

Most of us are connected to and depend upon an electrical grid to provide the electricicy to our home or business. Our attitude towards this valuable resource can vary greatly depending on our experience(s) with our local electricity provider. We are influenced in many ways: the $/KWH of usage, the incentives they offer, their reliability of service, their frequency of service/downtime, the quality of signal they provide, the aesthetics of their infrastructure, the type of fuel-base used to produce, and often the type of ownership / community decisions made by that utility. Your motivation/purpose to want to produce your own electricity (part-time or full-time) can be driven by different reasons: maybe for "peace of mind" / backup of a critical load, or to offset your utility bill, or for some to just "stick it to the utility", which are all influenced by any of the above-mentioned factors. We are here to assess, educate, and provide a cost-effective sustainable solution that fulfills your personal choice when it comes to who/how your electricity is produced! Although we don't typically advise it, you may even want to disconnect from the grid all-together?

What is Your Alternative Power Need?

Alternative Power Needs

Solar Panels and Generator


If You're Connected to the Grid (grid-tied), then there are several directions you can go, depending on your needs / desires....

Are you looking to simply offset / kill your utility bill?.. then we offer a simple grid-tied inverter / solar array system (very "green", a great "predictable" investment and low maintenance).... No backup with this type of system!

If you're looking for that "peace of mind" backup for when the utility goes out (intermittent or long-term), then we can provide the most cost-effective solution in a fossil-fueled generator or a more "green" & non-fossil-fuel-dependent solution in a AC-Coupled battery-based backup system (with or without solar)..

If You're Not Connected (or wish to disconnect) to the Grid (off-grid), then we become your utility & it's all about the loads served and your usage patterns...

There are many options for those who are not connected to the grid. We have battery-based systems supported by solar, wind, hydro, or a combination of these options. These systems are most-often also supported by a standby backup fossil-fueled generator for the few times per year when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow. We also have the option for providing prime-power fossil-fueled generation as the sole source in an off-grid application.